"Art is a tool to send love to others who need something to help them see the beauty from within. No one is trash, I use 'trash' to create beauty"

- Stephanie Murdock

The Heart Behind The Art:
about the artist

Stephanie loved art as a child but gave up her dreams of being an artist for the safety of Corporate America. After becoming disabled due to side effects of medication, her husband encouraged her to get back into art as a method of physical therapy. Stephanie taught herself how to create these pieces while forcing herself to use her hands and sit up. Despite her disabilities, she and her husband decided to hit the road in 2020 and have been traveling on and off ever since. She lives a nomadic lifestyle, traveling the United States with her husband and 2 dogs. She has learned how to do art on the road, which is no easy feat, but loves the adventures life on the road brings.

About The Art

My art is a reflection of my energy. I have had many of my own life experiences where I resonated with being discarded by humans as trash. I now collect the “trash” and turn it into beautiful works of art. It is my heart song to others that they truly are not the enigma. It is not about the sob story but how we overcome our struggles. We control the narratives of our own lives. If you can see the beauty in my art, my hope is that you expand your mind to see the beauty of humans we are so quick to discard. We are so quick to toss people aside. Not get involved. We need to work together to make this world a better place for me it starts with asking you to see beyond the labels. A plastic lid can be a petal of a flower that curls in such a way that it makes you weep. Just like a person we choose to label as homeless, or a drug addict or a prostitute holds the potential to be so many amazing things if only given the environment to do so.

I come from a very authentic place when creating my artwork. So much so that others can feel it when they hold my artwork. It is the universal energy that you feel and is embedded into all of my pieces. How it speaks to you and what it has to tell you is for you to discern. The knowing that we are more than what this world tells us to be. That when we strip ourselves of the divisive tactics we are programmed with since birth. We are able to see who we truly are and not what we are told to be.

Responsibly Sourced & Sustainably Made

Environmentally Conscious

Non-reclaimed materials used on pieces are always being updated to ensure that it is the most environmentally safe and highest quality.


Every creation saves materials from a lifetime in the landfill or becoming part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. 

Hand Sculpted

Each pieces is carefully crafted by hand and is 100% unique.

Upcycled Materials

All pieces are created out of found materials.