Customer Support

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Cost Explaination

Shipping is very expensive. It goes by box size and weight. I have to use odd sized boxes to ship my art at times and USPS, UPS and FEDEX all charge extra for odd sized boxes. This is their policy. It is what it is. I am just choosing to be very open about why shipping is expensive. I have seen shipping alone go up to $400.

Packing Materials

I do what I can and try to reuse cardboard to pack art pieces but you pay money for pieces to come intact and I have to use the most cost effective methods to get it to you intact. Please recycle the plastic and use the cardboard for gardening or compost.

Returns & Exchanges

Return Policy

No returns, I give as much detail in photos as possible. Please make sure you like it before you buy it. Feel free to email me with questions.


About the Artist

Jim Henson, H.R. Pufnstuf, Ziggy StarDust, Dune (the original), Dr. Seuss, weird TV shows or movies I saw from the 60’s, 70’s or 80s and the voices in my head.

I would love to do that. If you are an art show/gallery outside of the US, please reach out. I would love to find a way to make it work.

My husband and I are always in different areas please follow my instagram to find out what art shows we will be attending.

NO, unless you are a gallery or want to chat about a potential business opportunity the answer is no. I am sure you are an amazing person. I have had a mixed bag of experiences with this so the answer is no. Please respect my right to privacy. I am an extremely private person. I also will not go to dinner with you after an art show.

I am of an age where I grew up without social media where you didn’t know everything about everyone constantly. I feel that everyone is allowed privacy. I would prefer you like my art and focus on the message not on me. I am just a person that makes art that you like.

I get this question more times than I can count. I do not do drugs to create my art. I am drugs. I say that as a joke but also because people have told me being around me makes people feel like they are on drugs. I use cannabis but not to create art.

I get this question a lot. I do not like to be defined/ pigeon holed by anyone. I think that once you “label” yourself a whole bunch of societal limitations come with them. In addition, you are grouped in with a bunch of people where their views of something are thrusted upon me. I deeply believe in individuality. It is easy to discount people, assume behavior and ultimately dehumanize people when we categorize people into groups instead of viewing people as individuals.

No, the process of doing either is completely toxic to our environment. In order to make an environmentally friendly tee-shirt I would have to sell them for $250 a piece due to the fees to print them in an environmentally friendly way. Yes, I have researched it.

About the Art

  • Please contact me with your request and we will see if working together is a fit. I will put it like this: I am not an applesauce girl. I think it’s gross. You may love applesauce. I truly am happy it’s something you enjoy. I just don’t want any part of it. 
  • If we agree after the initial consultation then know this:
    • No pre approvals 
      • You tell me colors you like no sending out color palettes for your approval
      • No sending you sneak peak photos for approval of my art 
      • I look at it this way you have to like my stuff and trust it’s going to be super rad
    • No dark blood pouring out guts everywhere art it’s not my jam. I hope you find someone that makes it and you enjoy it. 
    • I do not do exact replicas of my pieces once they are sold they are gone. I don’t keep track of all the different items I upcycle/recycle to make each piece so they cannot be replicated. They can be similar but I WILL NOT PROMISE IT WILL LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME


  • My rate is $25 per hour. It really depends on the piece for the final cost. I can give estimates based on time. Remember the larger and more complicated the request the more expensive. Also my flowers depending on materials and size are time consuming. My art will be something you can pass on as long as you take care of them. THEY ARE FRAGILE AND NEED TO BE TREATED WITH CARE.  
  • You pay for shipping. Shipping is very expensive. I have to use odd sized boxes to ship my art if it’s large to ensure the safety of the piece. I have seen shipping alone go up to $400. This is just for you to be aware I can’t get shipping costs until the piece is done. If you want to ensure less expensive shipping, please ask for a piece that will fit into a regular sized box. Please go to UPS, FEDEX or USPS to see sizes all of them are different. Give me the size of the box so I can keep that in mind while making the piece.
    • Keep in mind baskets are expensive to ship, usually $300 and up just for shipping. 

All custom pieces must be paid in full 72 hours after receiving billing.

  • I use a variety of everyday items. If I can figure out how to melt it or mold it I use it. This is why I say all pieces are one of a kind. Some examples of the plastic I use are: Water bottles, water bottle plastic wrapping, toilet paper  plastic wrapping, plastic bags, plastic wrapping from records, plastic caps, plastic packing materials ( i.e. bubble wrap, plastic air bags) plastic straws, cups and lids (please note all plastic that is used on food items has been soaked in isopropyl rubbing alcohol for 24 hours), markers, water jugs, any hard plastic for electronics that I can melt and or cut up.
  • Non-plastic materials: Cardboard, packing paper, cupholders, dryer sheets.

Use a DRY COTTON CLOTH and carefully wipe off any dust from art. Do not put any chemicals on it and keep them inside out of direct sunlight. I do not recommend placing food in baskets.

No, it would require me to use resin. I am highly allergic to resin. I found out from trying to use it.

It depends on which crystal I am using for inspiration. If you want a custom crystal holder please measure the diameter of the sphere and send it to me. PLease also review my rules for custom pieces. If you have a tower, we can come up with something. I have done random pieces for tumbled stones too. Please note my holders are only as accurate as your measurements. I do add in room for error but I make them a little larger not smaller.

Never, I charge $25 per hour and add a little for paint and polyurethane. I try to find ways to cut costs but the prices are what they are.

About the Book

Yes all 4 stories are the same the covers are unique but all 4 stories are the same

Bookstores are not open to carrying “art house books”. If you are 40 years of age or older, you may remember a time where this was not the case. I have not found a bookstore that is willing to be open to carrying handmade books. If you know of one, let me know.

My short stories are based on my life and others I know. We have a tendency to want to avoid difficult conversations. This has led to the societal breakdown we are currently experiencing. My hope is that it inspires you to speak out, help others, know that you are not alone, gain some perspective on situations you may have never gone through,  healing is hard in a society that tells you to shut up and smile. I am old and tired of seeing others suffer because we as a society have lost our ability to have difficult conversations.

I hate Amazon with a passion. It is an evil corporation and I will not do business with them. I do my best to only purchase from mom and pop stores in my personal life.