Elementals Of Self

A Deeper Look Into My Heart Song

A Brief Synopsis Of The Stories Included In My Book


Story One
We all come from different types of families. Some of them include toxic individuals. We are programmed to allow these people to be abusive because they are “family”. This is a distortion, you have the right to protect yourself from anyone that is unhealthy no matter what label they have. It is time we stop shaming people for walking away from unhealthy relationships. It is time we start to enforce healthy boundaries and teach through action that sometimes the greatest love you can give is no longer allowing yourself to be abused. Love comes in many forms and sometimes the greatest lesson is to walk away from a relationship even if it is a mother or a father. I have done it and know how difficult and scary it can be. It is how we all shine a light on unhealthy behavior and end cycles of abuse. It is not an easy process.
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Story Two
There is a strong yet unspoken view in society of those who have survived domestic violence that the pain ends once they leave. We do very little to heal the various traumas caused by the situations they left. We want these individuals to “just be happy”. Not knowing every time we do, that sends a message to suffer in silence to the victim and creates more trauma. It is hard to explain the shame, the pain, the shock to the nervous system and the still very real fact that these individuals do not know what healthy love is. This is a window into that world. This is a voice telling those who have been through it that they don’t need to feel shame, they deserve an environment that is safe to heal in and can learn what healthy love is. This is not an easy path. That is why I hope it is a clear message to society, we need to realize help is needed well beyond the removal of abuse. In so many ways we ignore the root causes, dust our hands off and walk away from the situation. The world heals as we as a society choose to provide the opportunity for real healing for all.
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Story Three
There is a deep distortion in our world where we are taught to be “nice” and apologize with words without deeply feeling the impact of our actions thus not wanting to see that we are a totality. Words said without change are meaningless and create a fake society. If we are truly sorry for our actions we will work on ourselves and truly sit in the darkness and embarrassment of what we have done in order to truly shift our behavior. The point is to grow by being self aware not to self flagellate. There are many traps along this road and that is why self awareness is key. To truly be self aware means you can see your own behavior as wrong and shift, intentions do not matter When we shift we actually create a better world and are capable of accessing a deeper love for ourselves and deeper connection to our higher selves. In the end it is truly our choice to continue to “apologize” in word with zero effort to change and hope the other individual(s) endure our inappropriate behavior or you can work on yourself. This is a process that continues until we take our last breath.
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Collective Shift

Story Four
This is the story of bravery that we all must have in order to truly create a better world. There is so much work to be done there are so many liars promising change but rely on a society to deify entities who talk a good game while sitting together and laughing at the little ants fighting for scraps. Refusing to band together. We are blinded by grouping against each other. Dehumanizing others who do not align with our own views as less than, thus mirroring the same distortions we claim to hate in a different way. Allowing predefined labels to lock us into a mindset. Discussions no longer occur. We are at a point in our society where people talk at each other but do not have the self control to actively listen. To admit that maybe those that are in charge do not have our best interests at heart. As if falling for their programming makes you less than. Not realizing the harsh truth that we “ALL HAVE FALLEN FOR THEIR LIES” if you think you never did and you see all you are still blind. Knowing that we as individuals do not know everything is key to our growth. Everyone has a different path to self and everyone must be given the opportunity to shift in a safe space. We cannot attempt to control an individual's path. What we can do is support as they grow to live by their word and buy into a better world with all that they are. When we all commit to challenging our minds beyond its breaking point, actively listening, viewing others as equals no matter where they are on their journey through life and embracing the shifts to connect deeper to ourselves (living in true alignment in word and deed) this world will shift so fast that those who seek to feed of us will crumble in the wake of what we as a collective can create. None of this is easy, none of this life is fair, there is no such thing as fair. One trap after another eventually we all must choose the easy way or the insecurity of the unknown. To choose the unknown for hope of something better than stagnation is the true hero's journey.
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