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Golden Sunset


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These are meant to be gifts from the heart. Ways to say I love you. Bloomed from what is to be assumed as “trash”. I hope that however you use these flowers as a gift or in a wedding, these flowers will always be a reminder that no matter what you face you too can bloom.

Materials used: stem is hand molded out of plastic. Petals are: Made from paper-mache dryer sheets (water, flour salt) Do not bend the petals to reshape the flower, they will break.  Hand painted and sealed with polyurethane. Please note if you choose to use these in a wedding bouquet DO NOT GET IT WET. I am more than happy to add leaves at NO ADDITIONAL FEE. I just do not put them on because not everyone wants leaves. Also, if you want custom flowers, please see my FAQs.

Shipping and Handling: $25

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״I love my elementalsofself pumpkin whom I have named soulsaver. A great addition and message of strength in my collection. Thank you"

- Anonymous

"The only time in my life I judged a book by it's cover is when I bought one from elemenrals of self. The cover is gorgeous colors, amazing textures, and speaks to me. Now here's the best part - flip open the page and the honest, raw, soul of the stories dance through your mind. Stories that don't end going into the sunset, but really start a new sun rise. Stories that give perspective for the next chapter in your life and sit with you in the past chapters. I adore my book and find joy in it daily."

- eviescraftroom