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The Stouthearted Soul


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There are those in this world that have a heart so true so strong that meeting an entity of such caliber will bring tears to your eyes. This is a dragon who has faced all forms of terror and remained the ever stouthearted soul worthy of the blue flame that protects it. 


Material used: Plastic packaging for markers, water bottles, plastic bags, plastic wrapping for water bottles, soda boxes, plastic caps off paint containers, markers, bubble wrap, air filled packing plastic. Paper matched on hand with magazines and newspapers. Painted with various types of paint and sealed in polyurethane. Please note THE ONLY GLUE USED IS TO ADHERE THE BLUE FLAME TO THE DRAGON CLAW. Weighted with sand. 


Please note the following: 

  • This is a one time price because I messed up on counting my hours. I will NEVER SELL A DRAGON CLAW THIS SIZE FOR THIS PRICE EVER AGAIN. Typically this would go for $1,450.
  • Shipping is going to be expensive at least $350
  • DO NOT USE A CRYSTAL SPHERE with a diameter larger than 1.5 inches. The dragon claw has zero give and YOU WILL CRACK IT. Do not place a crystal heavier than 5lbs in the Dragon Claw as I have only had up to 5lbs in it. You may break it if you place a crystal heavier than 5 lbs in it.
  • This is intended for use with crystal spheres, palm stones, or irregular shaped crystals NO TOWERS. I haven’t tested this with towers and there is a good chance your lovely crystal tower will tip over and break. I hate to see crystals break so it’s just a tip. 
  • Please see custom pieces and frequently asked questions for information on custom dragon claw crystal holders. 
  • Clean with a DRY COTTON CLOTH. Do not put any cleaner or water on the dragon claw; you will peel off the polyurethane and severely damage it. 

Use two hands when lifting the dragon claw IT IS ABOUT 25 lbs hold on the side and bottom.

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״I love my elementalsofself pumpkin whom I have named soulsaver. A great addition and message of strength in my collection. Thank you"

- Anonymous

"The only time in my life I judged a book by it's cover is when I bought one from elemenrals of self. The cover is gorgeous colors, amazing textures, and speaks to me. Now here's the best part - flip open the page and the honest, raw, soul of the stories dance through your mind. Stories that don't end going into the sunset, but really start a new sun rise. Stories that give perspective for the next chapter in your life and sit with you in the past chapters. I adore my book and find joy in it daily."

- eviescraftroom